40 Anniversary of the Sumpul Massacre

Reina Guardado, sobreviviente de la Masacre del Sumpul.

May 14th 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Sumpul Massacre

Every year the community gathers to remember the victims and renew the commitment to fight so that something similar does not happen again.

Due to the emergence of COVID-19, this year we will not be able to go to Las Aradas to commemorate the massacre. But we will still meet virtually. Both the survivors and those of us who feel united with them in solidarity will be thinking about what happened on the day of the massacre, confident that soon we can meet again.  

To learn more about the schedule for May 14, 2020:

Promotional Spot: Activities 40th Anniversary of the Sumpul Massacre

May 14th

Simultaneous transmission: Radio Sumpul Radio Farabundo Martí and Facebook Live on CCR

8:00 am Cultural Activities (radio broadcast of music and testimonies)

10:00 am Holy Mass

There will also be commemorative activities at Las Vueltas from 3 to 5 pm.