41 Anniversary of the Sumpul River Massacre

Reina Guardado, sobreviviente de la Masacre del Sumpul.

May 14th 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Sumpul Massacre

Every year the community gathers to remember the victims and renew the commitment to fight so that something similar does not happen again.

The motto for this year's commemoration reads: "41 years after the Sumpul Massacre, the earth and the martyrs demand truth, justice and reparation." 

To learn more about the schedule for May 13 and 14, 2020:

Promoción Actividades 41 Aniversario de la Masacre del Sumpul

May 14th

8:00 am: Music - Artistic Group from Las Vueltas

9:00 am: Opening (Felipe Tobar, President of the Sumpul Association)

9:25 am: Testimonial (Julio Rivera, Sumpul Association)

10:10 am: Greetings from the municipal authorities of Chalatenango (Buenaventura Tobar, Mayor of San José Las Flores)

10:15 am: Greetings on behalf of the organizers (Rubia Guardado Guardado, General Secretary of CCR)

10:20 am: Greetings from the Honduras delegation.

10:25 am: Ritual (Arcatao Delegation)

10:30 am: Theatre (Group San José Las Flores)

10:45 am: Press Conference

11:00 am: Mass (Mons. Oswaldo Escobar, Obispo de Chalatenango).

Testimonies: Rebeca Menjívar, Marta Tobar, and Felipe Tobar.